Tuf*C set up back in 2004 and began enabling young people from 16 to 25 years of age to create a sense of confidence, belonging and achievement through developing their engagement within Sport


Tuf*C has a commitment to all local young people from all backgrounds and diverse communities across Trafford, who wish to take part in sporting and leisure activities.


As well as participating in sporting and leisure activities, Tuf*C has developed a unique and innovative ‘Leadership Development Programme which supports young people to gain sporting and leisure qualifications which can lead to employment opportunities within the sport and leisure sector.


After young people have graduated from the Tuf*C Leadership Programme many take up the opportunity to become part of the Tuf*C team and a Tuf*C staff member.


Urban Leisure activities provides the opportunity for Tuf*C leaders to gain valuable experience through the running of sessions on behalf of Trafford Community Leisure Trust. Weekly Sessions are run throughout the year on a Friday and Saturday night.

Tuf*C continues to have a strong partnership with Trafford Community Leisure Trust. It also works with other stakeholders within the sport and leisure service sector in order to co-produce work to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the local community living in Trafford.


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